SWARVY – Scotch

Swarvy links with bassist Jerry Thompson III and band mate Ryan McKenney to compose “SCOTCH,” his first official release of original, sample-free music. Channeling the grooves and moods of 70s jazz and funk, Swarvy shapes the raw instrumentation with modern production techniques to make an album that sounds distantly familiar, yet still new and unique at the same time.
With remixes of MNDSGN (Stones Throw) and Devonwho (All City Dublin)

Swarvy on FB : http://www.facebook.com/MarkusSwarvy
Format : Vinyl / Digital
Mastered @ kasablanka mastering
Label : http://www.feelinmusic.ch
Booking & info : info@feelinmusic.ch


Black Sheep Dres – Propagation (Official Music Video)

Grab your copy here – http://smarturl.it/propagation

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TommY BoY Entertainment is a legendary Hip Hop & Electronic label founded in NYC in 1981. The label is credited with launching the careers of notable Hip Hop legends Afrika Bambaataa, Queen Latifah, House of Pain, De La Soul, and Naughty By Nature. Currently the home to the AM:Racket & Gorilla Record labels and artists Laura Lee Bishop, Linnea, Jamar Rogers, OCAD, ANGI3, BS, Guinevere, Plushgun, Gamu, Richie Campbell, Marcos Carnaval, Chachi, Zeke Thomas, Po Johnson, Pants Velour, Paige and Todd Terry.


Instagram: @TommYBoYEntertainment

Infinito 2017 – LOOP SOUL SOUND (prod by Positive Black Nationalist)

Infinito 2017 – LOOP SOUL SOUND (prod by Positive Black Nationalist) from the album: Threatening Music X Brash and Abrasive – Sample friendly video version of fresh Sound from Infinito 2017 being positive black to free Africans in Sound!

buy album: https://infinito2017.bandcamp.com/album/threatening-music-x-brash-and-abrasive

When making music in my view the ultimate goal is to love what you create and let your soul be the main component in the final output. “Threatening Music X Brash and Abrasive = Masculine” minus the filler and without the added opinions of those that didn’t write the songs. “Threatening Music X Brash and Abrasive” is what it sounds like when Infinito 2017 filters out all the voices of others and create completely from the internal. Infinito 2017 creates underground music that tells what he thinks over boom bap instrumentals. “Threatening Music X Brash and Abrasive” is independent Hip Hop with no fashion, no mama man clowns, no love songs and no songs made to follow the template that rappers use to records music! This album is hardcore uncut raw Infinito 2017, the microphone and beats. Black Music! “Threatening Music X Brash and Abrasive” guest vocal appearances are AthenA, Mr. Skurge, Watusi, Unity Lewis and Aslaam Mahdi. “Threatening Music X Brash and Abrasive”.

production is handled by Fatnice, Da Beatminerz, Thaione Davis, The White Shadow of Norway, Positive Black Nationalist, Dion Brown, Mixx Massacre, Black Sparx, Malosmokie (LCOB), Cool D and Ne Ne James of Brazil. Guest vocal appearances are AthenA, Mr. Skurge, Watusi, Unity Lewis and Aslaam Mahdi. “Threatening Music X Brash and Abrasive”

Art by Marcellous Lovelace | Infinito 2017 http://www.marcellouslovelace.com | InfinitoOne [Ascap]
Mixed by Freddy Eubanks for KLFC [Kalifornia Lo-Fi commision] Mastered by Jonathan Horwich
updates MORE INFO | http://www.infinito2017.bandcamp.com | http://www.infinito2017.com

Keith ‘Wildchild’ Middleton – “Transitions”

A mainstay of the NY underground Hip Hop scene, rapping and producing for his group HYDRA and his crew The Plague, Keith “WildChild” Middleton is also a lead performer in the cast of Stomp. Keith has traveled the globe, has been featured in commercials for McDonalds, Volkswagon, Toyota, and Honda, has starred in the hit iMAX movie “Pulse: a Stomp Odyssey” and various films and television shows from Sesame Street (with Elmo) to Third Watch (alongside DMX) to The Oscars (twice!). To say he is a versatile performer is an understatement. A true renaissance man, WildChild also teaches body percussion globally and was a comedic choreography consultant for the animated movie “Robots.”   

Having been a team player for years, in Stomp, HYDRA and The Plague, Keith is now branching out on his own, releasing his debut album “Transitions” on MCMI Records. An absolute labor of love, that came about after a near fatal car wreck made him realize that “Carpe Diem” would be his mantra, the spoken word/fusion album includes soul, funk, jazz, afro-beat, dance and Hip Hop, all music and tracks composed and produced by Keith himself, with guest appearances by HYDRA and a vast array of accomplished vocalists and musicians.   

The title “Transitions” is self-explanatory, as Keith chronicles his transition to manhood, independence and self-fulfillment, including everything from relationships, to addiction, to honor, to the birth of his children. But its not all deep and serious, Keith has something for the playful, the dance crew, the MC, the poet, the lover and the fighter. Release of the physicals will be announced along with the Album Release Party, in the upcoming weeks. Checkout the first single/video off the album, “FeelsGood,” directed by Brandon Polanco (3 of A Kind Productions).



Okayplayer Holiday Party [w/ The Roots, Shaggy, Patra + More]



Okayplayer Holiday Party (2011) check out on LARGE UP TV

The Dancehall All-Stars meet the Roots session at the 2011 Okayplayer Holiday Jam, with Red Fox, Shaggy, Patra, Mr. Easy and Rayvon, and Master of Ceremony, Rahzel! Medley includes “Down in Jamaica” (Red Fox), “Romantic Call” (Patra), “Angel” (Shaggy and Rayvon), “Nice and Lovely” (Shaggy and Rayvon).



RHJ-2011-copyThe Roots with (from left) Mr. Easy (in red vest), Patra, Rahzel, Shaggy and Rayvon


De La Soul [comics]


De La Soul – 3 Feet High and Rising (Tommy Boy Rec. 1989)
Artwork by MICHAEL UMAN >> http://www.michaeluman.com/

Check out a great interview to  NOAH UMAN  brother of Michael on  DUST & GROOVES

De La Soul Is Dead: In the album De La Soul is Dead, by the rap group De La Soul, there is a three page comic, each page having two columns of comics. Readers can read the comic on their own, or they can follow along on the album, for in between songs, the comic is acted out amongst different voice actors – there’s even a “ding,” that ding noise that reminds the reader to turn the page, harking back to those “follow along” records of yesteryear. [Marvel Comics]


DMC Relased!



Check this out!  Darryl Makes Comics, LLC ///  http://1xrun.com/runs/DMC_Released (http://www.dmc-comics.com/)
“This work was the cover art designed Sal Buscema who is known as one of the legendary artist from the time period known at Marvel as its’ Golden Age of Comic books he is affectionately known as “Our Pal Sal” in the Marvel Bullpen Bulletins. His unforgettable work on some of their biggest titles including his phenomenal penciling on The Avengers, Captain America, Incredible Hulk, Thor and Spider-Man defined the look of those characters for decades. He has even worked for DC Comics on Batman, Superman, Superboy, Creeper and Wonder Woman. That puts me in good company as well as some of the artists who share the cover of the graphic novel.” – Mare139 (http://www.mare139.com/)

Praverb ft. AWKWORD, Kev Turner x DJ Grazzhoppa – All A Dream [prod. By LX Beats]



AWKWORD: “Before his death, rapper and industry icon Praverb aka P the Wyse (Earl Patrick McNease) was working on a song with longtime collaborator LX Beats, a producer from Europe. They recruited rappers Kev Turner and myself [AWKWORD] for feature verses. Once we learned of P’s death, I rewrote and recorded a new verse for the song to pay tribute to my friend, and LX reached out to another longtime Praverb collaborator DJ Grazzhoppa for cuts for the chorus. This song will appear on the forthcoming Praverb Tribute Album. All proceeds will be donated to Praverb’s wife and baby boy.”

PURCHASE (DONATE!): praverbtribute.bandcamp.com/track/prave…by-lx-beats

AWKWORD lyrics (verse 3):

Rest, Earl Patrick McNease, G in the flesh /
I’m a mess, you’re deceased, can’t believe that you left /
This has to be a dream, a nightmare, a test /
Man I wish you could’ve seen all the tweets and the press /
Even you would be amazed at all the people who wept /
People you never met, rappers showing you respect /
We try to honor legacy, being the best /
But it’s too little too late, when you wait until death /
You didn’t just spit, supported all artists who did /
You had your own son, but P you taught so many kids /
You demonstrated class in an industry of snakes /
You basically taught class to a room full of fakes /
But you never got down, instead you picked me back up /
When I said I’m done rapping cause this game is unjust /
You called me up that day and told me do what you love /
Now I’m here writing again, pouring out my blood /
So many pages torn, my tears stain this napkin /
Like what a sick joke, this ain’t my brother passing /
But it wasn’t a dream, the nightmare, it happened /
Now you in heaven with BIG, on the street corner rapping.

Song art by GoodIdea (Italy), Art Directors of ‘World View’ [djbooth.it/wrldvw X djbooth.it/wvbonus]

And here’s what happened when Praverb interviewed me back in 2012: www.praverb.net/2012/09/awkword-i…tips-towards.html