Mr.Fickle – “I Wonder Why” (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

“Conquering any difficulty always gives one a secret joy, for it means pushing back a boundary-line and adding to one’s liberty.” As a child writing became of form of therapy….Shout Out’s To JLJupiter aka Planetary P
Video directed by Umpirefilms for promotional use only original recording by”Little Brother-Lovin’ It

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Emcee G Roc & Dj/Producer Gedsi are Piece Of MindRap Phenomenon” is the first single off their self-titled album.

Video Directed and Filmed By: Moto for “Moto Productions

Download song:

Structures Built Records Tumblr:

Piece Of Mind Tumblr:

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THE HIGHEST LOW “BOOM BAP ” official video

from the crew
(out of Chicago/Aurora IL)
Directed and Filmed by Ezekiel38
Vocals by: Snotty Pippen and Just Wise
Produced by: Maker

available at:
check them out at:
contact for this channel and zeeker videos @

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T.R.A.C. “This Is That” – ft. Yahzeed Divine (Prod. Marc Mac)

GMorn folks WAZza! started my day with another sharing by my bredren AbbottSupreme via Twitter! Good Listen fam!

Filmed, Edited & Directed by Romen Rok. Contact Romen:
Motion Graphics by Jesse Lampkin
Taken From The EP “This Is That”
iTunes Single: Bandcamp full EP here:
Single Distributed Worldwide by Kudos
Produced By Marc Mac
Rap by T.R.A.C. & Yahzeed Divine
Cutz by DJ I-CUE.
Omniverse Music 2013

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CASTLE – Krillz

CASTLE - Krillz

Track extracted from the upcoming album CASTLEGasface“!

For listeners of… Has-Lo, Quelle Chris, Blueprint, Danny Brown, Homeboy Sandman, Dibiase, Blu … Good Listen Fam!

Castle’s debut MMG project “Gasface” is an album that gets in your face and won’t leave you alone. Always clever with his rhymes and beats, Castle breaks new ground by leaving room for experimentation and innovation. Castle”s lyrics and style leave you battered and bruised from emphasized syllables and rhythms that hit like pistons. This is that I don’t give a fuck music for people who don’t give a fuck.

Artist Highlights:
– Once killed the entire Marvel Universe
– Made Chuck Norris say, “Uncle”
– Warns psychics
– Cuts through hot knives with butter
– Lost his virginity before his father

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Shabazz The Disciple Ft. Killah Priest & Lil dap – Thieves in da nite ( Official video 2012 )

You can find this track on a album of Shabazz The Disciple. “Becoming of the disciple” 2008.

Need to stack up “Bail money“! Find out why!

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