Semi Hendrix (Ras Kass x Jack Splash) – Jesus Pressed Mute

from the album Semi Hendrix “Breakfast At Banksy’s”
Directed & Edited by Scott O’Malley for Guerrilla Press

produced by Jack Splash
vocals by Ras Kass

Mello Music Group 2015


Public Enemy – Lost In Space Music 4K

Lost In Music from the album Man Plans God Laughs
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Lost In Space Music
Produced by Gary G-Wiz and Carl Ryder

An HWIC Filmworks Music Video
Directed by David C. Snyder
Video Produced by Carl Ryder and David C. Snyder
Concept by Carl Ryder

DJ Format and Abdominal “We Say”

A new music video from long-standing transatlantic collaborators DJ Format and MC Abdominal. We shot the video (almost) simultaneously in Toronto, Canada and Brighton, UK. Abdominal and I (Daf) took to the streets of Toronto on “Nuit Blanche”, a growing annual and nocturnal tradition in the city where artists exhibit their work and, as it turned out, have rampant urban raves. My friend Milo Hutchings took care of things UK-side and had a pleasurable day on the beach with a Fisher Price turntable, two records and a camera.
This is Ten Pence International’s first international project, making the company truly international. Let’s say international one more time!
The release of “We Say” kicks off Format and Abdominal’s long-awaited UK Reunion tour, November 2015. Tickets are selling fast.

Rhinoceros Funk – Salvation ft. Yahzeed x Akbar (Produced by Fred Ones)

Spearheaded by the production of DJ Fred Ones, Salvation features three of Peasant Podium Music’s veterans. Yahzeed, Rhinoceros Funk, & Akbar finely compliment each other as they unleash a back to back barrage of scenic syllables.

Download ‘Salvation’ and follow PPM on Soundcloud:

Executive Producer: Fred Ones
Director of Photography: Porfirio Trinidad
Camera Operator: Danny Kodak
Film Editor: Porfirio Trinidad & Fred Ones
Sound Design: Fred Ones
VFX: Olise Forel for Moving Silence

Spraying Bricks – JARUS X BONZAI

Jarus x Bonzai – Alfreshco

The time was 5am and it was a cold wintery morning back in February when I was awoken out of my slumber by Bonzai who reminded me we had a train to catch from Victoria to St Neots in less than half hour. Needless to say we made it by the skin of our nose but not without copping a 40 quid fine for neglecting to grab a ticket on our way and jumping the barrier.

Despite all weather conditions and trench-foot. I’d joined Jarus and Bonzai on a jolly to the quaint town of St Neots to visit Dave and his yard of wonder. This is how it unfolded.

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Music –

Closing Track – Memory Lanes by Medison

Remaining Music

“I Need to Start Writing Things Down” by Chris Zabriskie (

Am Running a Marathon with Thousands of Other Highly Qualified People Who Are All Trying to Defeat Me” by Chris Zabriskie (

Methuzulah Feat. Ras Kofi – Roads and Barriers

Hip-Hop Ghostwriter & Zulu Nation member Methuzulah tag teams up with Australian producer Alter Ego, reggae artist Ras Kofi & horn player Born Foster to bring you his new single off of his upcoming album “Crystal Ball” dropping January 2016

Directed by: Nick Burnz
Extra Footage: Methuzulah
Location Scout: Methuzulah
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by: Mudnoc Studios

MondayFriday (Yamin Semali & Illastrate) “MF”

New single from MondayFriday from their forthcoming EP “Time and a Half” featuring guest spots from Senor Kaos, Sean Emcee (Civil Writes), Willi Dudat, J-Live, and Supastition.

Directed by Kevin Smith @ralo_rahgroove

Check out the new album “Monday/Friday” available on CD and digital download! at:
Also available on itunes

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