Centri – BALDO BANTON THEME SONG feat. 360 Degree (prod. Dig Dug) video edited by @GOODIDEAstyle

Listen to the song in its entirety and Download it for free at the below:

GOODIDEA linked up with the Rapper Centri to create the theme song and animation video for the youtube Gangster Jamaican Cartoon Series titled “Baldo Banton“. It takes place in Kingston Jamaica during the 70’s where Baldo Banton is facing adversity and hardship while building his reputation. Goodidea is very much into the Jamaican culture and wanted to use their artistic talents and their love for hip hop to bring about something truly unique. With one of the first of its kind, this Gangster Jamaican cartoon is guaranteed to take your imagination on trip to see the world through the eyes of a true Rude Boy. Thanks for your support!

Video: By GOODIDEAstyle
Lyrics: By Centri
Production: By Dig Dug
Intro: By 360 Degree

Twitter: @centri

Instagram: http://instagram.com/goodideastyle
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/goodidea.street
Twitter: @GOODIDEAstyle

360 Degree
Twitter: @360degreecview

Dig Dug
Twitter: @AgarthaAudio

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Centri – “Baldo Banton Theme Song” (Animation Video)

Rapper's Delite

Animators GOODIDEA and rap vocalist Centri team up to bring you a new theme song and animation video.  The YouTube gangster Jamaican cartoon series is titled “The Adventures of Baldo Banton.”  It takes place in Kingston, Jamaica during the 1970’s where Baldo Banton faces adversity while building up his rep.  You feeling this?  Keep reading to download the entire song. 

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Young Black And Gifted (Verse Essential x Kidd Called Quest) – No Invitation Needed

Young Black And Gifted (Verse Essential x Kidd Called Quest) -  No Invitation Needed

Verse Essential & Kidd Called Quest
No Invitation Needed

Another worthy selection & chapter in Kidd Called Quest’s ” Young , Black ,& Gifted” series ( the 1st two featuring Azariah & Golden respectively, both solid projects ) No Invitation Needed features NYC rhyme spitter Verse Essential . Verse comes off as a hybrid version of Freddie Foxx & Torae with a commanding voice that almost demands you listen to his words , more intricate than most of today’s ABC mc’s Verse like Quest’s other partners in rhyme speak to the everyman, and no fantasy lyrics about money, drugs,strippers, or Bugattis that is prevelant in most top 40 songs. Verse is a mc underground heads will check for especially on tracks like ” From The Bottom” , “Back To The Basics”, “Born Hustler” , “Brass Knuckles”.
As with the first two Y, B,&G projects Quest tailors the beats to the MC , the beats & production sound more new age ( but not trap like) versions of his style. As he did with Golden , KCQ is hand in glove with Verse’s rhyme style…and like the last two projects no features are needed and not too long either. 11 tracks deep, not too long or short but good enough to catch your attention and make you wanting more. ( Apparently both Verse & Quest know when to get off stage ) This is a solid joint from this team and listeners should be very happy with this album. Tracks to check for: “No Invitation Needed”, “From The Bottom”, “Back To Basics”, Jamaica Queens State Of Mind”, ” Born Hustler” , ” Brass Knuckles” .

ALL SONGS RECORDED & MIXED BY J. BURKE AT ATLANTIS STUDIO / BROOKLYN, N.Y. Except for Stand By Me Recorded & Mixed By Dj Fred Ones at TME studio in the Bronx NYC.

2014 New Era Boom Batt
Jay Quest Beats (ASCAP)
@ JayQuest @VerseEssential

For Bookings & Business Inquires: VERSEESSENTIALMUSIC@GMAIL.COM

INSTAGRAM @VerseEssential

Verse Essential shout out
First off, I must give all glory & praise to the most high because without God, none of this will be possible. A huge Thank You to my Mom, my Sisters & my family for always being there for me. I love you all.
To my Father: Not a single day in my life has passed & I don’t think about how much you meant to me. I miss you so much. You taught me so much about life & I’m so grateful for all that you done for me. Rest in Peace & one day, we will be together once again. I love you Dad…..
Shout out to my workout family at the Jamaica YMCA: Wilda, Sam, Paul, Jelani, Nkosi, Yvette, Nicole, Deon, Donna, Pam, Janine, Chanel, Charles and The rest: Because of all of you, I’m a much more slimmer, healthier man today. I love y’all.
Shout out to my Empire Nation family: Access Immortal, Jukstapose & Fess Gotchu.
Shout out to my Wunderkind family: All Mental, Heathen, Phace, Steve Smiff, Senica Da Misfit, Dj Absurb & A-Sharp.
Shouts out to Solo Vibes, My fam Poison Pen, Abacus aka The Slum Jeweler, Swave Sevah, Sara Kana, P. Stacks, PH, Money Bagz, J-Arch, Ike P, Sean Price, Immortal Technique & The whole Team Homi crew, My homies Rhino, Dj Fred Ones & The whole Art of Lyrics crew, My barber Dave, My hood Laurelton Queens, Double AB, Sadat X, Q-Unique, Dj Eclipse, Vinnie Paz, My nigga Lenny, My homies Rad & Jeff, Todd Sykes, Dj Handspin Dinero, Juan Lobo, Jimmy Diamond, Golden, CapCizza, Tara Wright, Warren Britt, Pri The Honeydark, My nigga L.I.F.E. Long, Smack & The entire URL Movement, My homies J57, Audible Doctor, Soul Khan & The entire BBAS crew, 5 Pointz, All my peoples at End of the Week, Marv Won, Complex, My nigga Logik, Terrone Burke, Mello, Dan Diamond & everybody at Exxxotica, My brother for life Ty Djc Jones, Dj Spinna, Marly Marl, My love muffin Sam Wonder & the entire new Harlem Renaissance, Frank Knight, JusOne, Karen Jane, My nigga Shabaam Sahdeeq, Blak Mic, Timberly Davis, Jimmy Reeves, Ralph, Damian, Darin, All the Blogs, Deejays & Fans that continuously support my music, All my friends & family at DEP, My homies Smif “N”Wesson, Skyzoo, Spike Lee, Dj Puerto Roc, Peter Rosenberg, Kiza Beats, My bro Matt aka Matter, Loni & The twins, Dj Kid Cut, Mistapool, Godilla, All my peoples at http://ughh.com/, Mike O’Leary, My sister for life Cammie C, YSL, DNA, Math Hoffa, Beat Bop Scholar, Arjen Noordeman, J-Ronin, Cortez & The final shout out goes out to my brother Kidd Called Quest: Words cannot describe how thankful I am for you reaching out to me to do this project. You didn’t have to work with me but you saw genius in me as well as I saw genius in you. I will be forever grateful to you Quest. If I didn’t mention your name, please blame my mind & not my heart.

Kidd Called Quest shout outs
I would like to that everyone who showed love i would like to give a big shout out to all the blogs who posted the music up and all the dj’s who who played the songs big shout to Chris G Coach P Tray Ezim (Who’s That Looking) my Big Bro from another Divine God Allah my man Azariah Ice Grill Midnite Nikal Fieldz Moses Rockwell KB Esso Ess UpTopRoc King Righteous Hexx Crew Tragic Aka Young prophet High Def Hassan Mackey Inf Da Beast and HCM Tru Starr Tursha Grey Rashad P Got Beats Crew Qui Semi Ontario Kidd Fame RPM SkanDolus E More Dj Ease QP Mo UpState Asap Tim Tones Justice Tru Bleu NuNu M Dot Coop Tommy Siggz L.I. Errie Canal J Hustle All Ciddy Aaron Taylor Brandon K. McNeil Brandon White Savvy Cet H Dot Beats Ric Rude Lil E Sharp MidNite Nikal Fieldz BattleRoy Mark Flag Dj Wiz Convict King Righteous Dwayne Collins 2Way Real Khalil Womack Aka K Off Beat Kes Woody BEez Inside 585 Destroy Aaron Burrise Snacks Act Live Sam I Am D Rock Slim Chance my brother Dj Sight Li my little brother Jay lee my cousins B$ Tj Man Jr Record Archive House Of Guitars and the whole 585 I would also like to give a big shout to my people in Boston Big Shug Jerry Epps Dj C4 Reel Drama SingaporeKane Big Mike Big shout out to the whole Red Chanel Staff Shout to Confidence Billy Danze of Mop and Fox and another shout out to Dj Cooli High Boom Box Radio Justin Bale Of Smoke City Records Tone Fazoolz Golden The Teamsterz Dox Boogie and Brian Cave Radio and 1 last Big Shout Out to Verse Essential for making this dope project with me peace 1 love any one who name i might have forgotten it’s all love.


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Stereo Boyz x Sacramento Knoxx

Stereo Boyz x Sacramento Knoxx

The Stereo Boyz release the fourth single off their album “Carz, Clubz & Theaterz” along with a video, better yet, a music film by Sacramento Knoxx.

Knoxx, who also produced the song, is a multi talented member of the Stereo Crew and shot, directed and edited the “Drago” visuals.

For the spiritual energy to be resilient and always strive to be your best is the theme of this film. I just was recovering from a serious accident when we filmed this video, I was depressed, but creating and doing what i love helped me recover and feel good. I was still in bad shape filming this, but it was a part of my healing process.”, Knoxx says and continues: “As an artist with a hybrid gift, i want to continue to push the boundaries and innovate and build master designs in hop hop.

The song “Drago” is an ode to overcoming diversities, to being like Rocky, when the world is coming at you like Drago.

“There’s nothing you can’t beat”

This song is Hip Hop. It isn’t about making a song following a formula to produce a hit. This song is about putting your heart into it, about Bars and Revolution.

Watch the video below and find links to the song and full album.

The Stereo Boyz consist of members Mixo (aka Applauze Beetz) and Mic Audio (aka Perfect Hell). Before becoming the super group Stereo Boyz they were a part of the “Rhyme Asylum” (1999 – 2008), a group that claimed a reputation of being one of Detroit’s most hardcore underground rap groups. Performing since a young age, the two MCs have created an undeniable stage presence, they master the ceremony, and in countless freestyle competitions the Stereo Boyz have earned the respect of every emcee they came across. Completing their second tour across Europe in early 2013, with shows in Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland the Stereo Boyz have been internationally approved.

With Mixo coming from Detroit and Mic Audio from Chicago they have created a perfect fusion of the Midwest. Combining strong lyrics with catchy hooks, their sound merges the best of both worlds: clever rhymes and beats that any hip hop fan will nod their head or move their feet to.The mixtape “Sound Check Vol 1” was their first group effort and has earned praises from rap fans worldwide, as well as Mic Audios following solo project “Biblical Fearical”. The Stereo Boyz dropped their EP “Live from the Ghettoblaster” in January of 2011 and after releases like the “Guten Tag!” mixtape, beat tapes and several street releases, their highly anticipated debut album “Carz, Clubz & Theatrez” was released August 13th 2013. Constantly in the studio recording and working on new beats and rhymes the group makes it impossible to be slept on.

The Stereo Boyz represent the past, present, & future of Detroit Hip-Hop. Their combination of Detroit Motown and Chicago’s House & Electro sound has created a midwest masterpiece. Now it’s time to share that masterpiece with the world.

Find more info on Stereo Boyz here:


Please send your Drop Scripts, Interview Inquiries, Feedback to:


About Sacramento Knoxx

Knoxx is an Ojibwe/Anishinaabe & Xicano emcee, music producer, film maker, digital media artist, & community organizer (specializing in youth development).

With 7 years of foundation in latin jazz, swing, funk, blues, and indigenous music, Christopher Yepez also known as Sacramento Knoxx, has brought a hybrid blend of performance & engagement within the digital media arts & the hip hop arts to audiences across America & globally through digital spaces!

Through his multidisciplinary artistry, his creations inspire, educate, heal, motivate, engage & reach youth & elders alike in communities of color. Being a prominent music artist from Southwest Detroit with his cultural stories of love & resistance, raw hip hop sounds, and evolving style, Knoxx is a radical composition of a free soul that empathizes with humanity and the earth as a whole.

Music Is Medicine“, as Knoxx says, and through this work, his narrative provides a voice for creative expression of identity, love, and healing as his musical pieces creatively challenges & bravely confronts many social ills faced by many communities.

As an emergining indigenous artist, Knoxx has won an increcible amount of beat battles aginst some of the country’s greatest beatsmiths, holds solid international music placement around the globe, featured in a variety of media outlets, network television, and popular musical blog sites. The renaissance lover from the Dirty Politix crew, also known as Knockzarelli, continues to create a unique & honorable music catalogue of his timeless work. And through all this navaigation of time & space he still finds the ability to cultivate & build with his community, lead with compassion, and revolutionize the rebirth of fundamental hip hop elements & help breathe life back into the culture as one of the founders of a hip hop collective known as THE RAIZ UP.

He has and continues to be mentored by legendary figures on his journey, endure on going collaborations with a variety of artisans, and build an abundance of music, arts, and cultural spaces that are shared sonically, physically, & historically with many
John Trudell, Just Seeds Collective, Jose Lopez, Dylan Miner, Angela Reyes, Thurman Bear, Lucy Harrison, & Grace Lee Boggs;
Cindy Campbell, DJ Kool Herc, Pop Master Fabel, Grandmaster Caz, Afrika Bambaataa, & DJ Grand Wizard Theodore;
Carlos Santana, Wynton & Branford Marsalis, Stan Bawol, Bandolero Duran, Blue Lake Singers;
Danny Brown, Wajeed, DJ Dez, Sintex, MAV-ONE, BLACKOUT, Strings, DJ Los, Guilty Simpson, Deathstar Click, The Stereo Boyz, Dirty Politix, 5 Ela, Slum Village, One Be Lo, Clear Soul Forces, Chingo Bling, Dead Prez, Lah Tere, Michael Reyes, La Bruja, RDACBX, Red Pill, Supa Emcee, Invincible, Miz Korona, Dpress, SubVerso, Nick Speed, & Culture Shock Camp.

Listen with your eyes and watch with your ears as the recording of his musical composition, “The Liberation of Christopher Yepez” is coming to completion, setting up the introduction to his full length feature titled “Creating The Noise”.

Find more info on Sacramento Knoxx here:


Please send your Drop Scripts, Interview Inquiries, Feedback to:


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King RA – “I’m In The Area” feat. Sir Reks prod. by Luka (Official HD Video)

King RA teams up with Serbian producer Luka & the 2010 German DMC Champion Sir Reks on his new single “I’m In The Area” which is the second single off Foot On They necks V2 (Thee Album).

Special thanks to Wiz, Chelo, Michelle, Drew, Avery, Brandon, Mustart, Rasta Rob, and Grassroots Community Space https://www.facebook.com/grassroots.communityspace

More from Luka:

More from Sir Reks:

Download more music from King RA:

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Serious inquiries for collabs/booking King RA contact:

Directed by Serringe of Element Tree

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Grounds of Detroit (GOD) – Lord Jessiah ft. Scrooge McJus x All-Wise

Lord Jessiah presents his fifth and title track from “Grounds of Detroit” album featuring his brothers in life & music Scrooge McJus & All-Wise from Sun Tzu Cadre. Music produced by Da Wizzard, video directed and edited by Josiah Greiner for DVG Media.

Album available for purchase here:

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Kropz – Third Eye Open

The ‘Third Eye’ talks about opening the pineal gland in order to awaken our consciousness. It is once our consciousness is aware, and our ‘Third Eye’ open, that we can begin to manifest our desires. Corporations, governments and societies target us through hidden agendas to disconnect us with our consciousness in order to keep us suppressed as people. It is only ourselves, through knowledge of self, meditation, decalcifying of the pineal gland and awareness of imposed limitations, that we can open up our own ‘spiritual gateways’ in order to experience our ultimate realities – to connect ourselves to the universe and therefore the unlimited possibilities of our existence.

Directed & Edited By Jake Phillips

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Dj Low Cut – Dusty Robbery

Dj Low Cut - Dusty Robbery

As a retrospective of what Dj Low Cut released this past few years, Dusty Robbery brings the light on the dusty vinyls he dig to produce every track.
What you’re about to hear is a mix of original music Dj Low Cut used and songs he did with those.



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Yamin Semali – Senior Dues: Yen Dollar Music, vol. 2

Yamin Semali - Senior Dues: Yen Dollar Music, vol. 2

3rd release from the ¥$M label, and the 2nd volume of “Yen Dollar Music” leading up to the next proper album, Class of MMI (2014)

all tracks produced by Yamin Semali (AmDex [BMI]) except 1 and 9 produced by Dublohskytzo for A7Productions, 5 produced by Illastrate, 10 produced by Sam Brown and 15 co-produced by Count Bass D

all songs (co-)written by Yamin Semali (AmDex [BMI]) for Yen Dollar Music, LLC, including those co-written by the respective artists

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