Reel Wolf Presents “THE UNDERWORLD” w/ Vinnie Paz, Tech N9ne, ILL Bill, Slaine, Bizarre x more

Reel Wolf Presents

w/ Apathy, Bizarre, Celph Titled, PMD & Sean Strange (of The Goondox), ILL Bill, King Gordy, Reef the Lost Cauze, SID (of metal band Slipknot), Slaine, Swifty Mcvay, Tech N9ne & Vinnie Paz

Beat Produced by: Sentury Status
Scratches by: DJ Eclipse (of Non Phixion)

Video Credits:

Directed/Produced/Edited by: Tom Vujcic
Executive Produced by: J.F. Martin & Amir Radi
Cinematography by: Matt Cree, J.F. Martin, Delaney Siren & Dave Stuart
VFX by: Dave Cadiz
Associate Producers: Bill Mak & Stephen MacDonald
Production Assistants: Aleks Antic & Ryan Fitzmaurice

The first single from our upcoming album “THE UNDERWORLD” is the title track, and consists of 13 emcees who have formerly worked with REEL WOLF. These 13 emcees are APATHY, BIZARRE, CELPH TITLED, PMD & SEAN STRANGE (of The Goondox), ILL BILL, KING GORDY, REEF THE LOST CAUZE, SID (from metal band Slipknot), SLAINE, SWIFTY MCVAY, VINNIE PAZ & first time collaboration with Strange Music’s TECH N9NE. The video was filmed in 7 different cities and illustrates a darker side of hip hop.

Coming November 26th, 2013


1. INTRODUCTION TO HELL Feat. Louie Rankin
2. THE UNDERWORLD Feat. Bizarre, Reef the Lost Cauze, ILL Bill, Slaine, Celph Titled, King Gordy, SID, The Goondox, Apathy, Swifty McVay, Vinnie Paz & Tech N9ne
3. SICK IN THE MOUTH (REPRISE) Feat. J Reno, Bizzy Bone & Virtuoso
4. FUCK LOVE TWICE Feat. Madchild, Trash Gordon & Kuniva
5. PLANNING A MURDER Feat. So Sick Social Club & SID (of Slipknot)
6. THE WRATH Feat. Danny Diablo, Swifty McVay, Sean Strange & Diabolic
7. EVERYDAY (REPRISE) Feat. Final Trigger, Swann & Psych Ward
8. GHOSTED Feat. William Cooper, Adlib, King Magnetic, Klee Magor, Odoub, Sicknature & Jah Youth
9. MORE FLICKERING Feat. So Sick Social Club, Kung Fu Vampire, Hopsin & Dead Celebrity Status
10. T.H.C. Feat. Methadist, Raw B Snatch, Peep Sho, Set2, Swann, Veeko Caine, Impakt, Citizen Kane, M Deezy, Anubis, Devilz Species & Trinz
11. US VS. THEM (REPRISE) Feat. Psych Ward, Bizarre & Insane Poetry
12. WALK AWAY Feat. ILL Bill, Sabac Red, So Sick Social Club & Ironic
13. THE UNDERWORLD (COLD NORTH REMIX) Feat. Klee Magor, Psych Ward, J Reno, Swann, D-Brown, Seen B, Methadist, Veeko Caine, Mr. Erbie & Suspect
*14. THE UNDERWORLD (GOON MUSICK REMIX) Produced by Snowgoons
*15. THE UNDERWORLD (HELL TRAP REMIX) Produced by Sentury Status
*16. THE UNDERWORLD (SLIME REMIX) Produced by J Nyce


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Jermiside x Danny Diggs: Victory Is Mine [Music Video]

Jermiside & Danny Diggs release official visuals for the latest single off their new album Queit As Kept. Directed by Lessondary member and former Tanya Morgan emcee Ilyas Nashid, “Victory Is Mine” finds Jermiside spittin bars through the King Historic District of Atlanta.

Shot by Giovanni Pratt & Jermiside

Quiet As Kept is available now on iTunes and Compact Disc.


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Mic Crenshaw ft. Dead Prez – Superheroes

Legendary spoken word artist and socially conscious emcee Mic Crenshaw teamed up with Dead Prez for a classic tribute to everyday people. With a beat produced by Maestro of D12 and Silent Riot Productions in Detroit, the video was shot on location in Portland, Oregon by Kevin Hasenkopf and Payam Sadri of Salmon 109. Using local dancers and their families as the cast, this video turns the ordinary into extraordinary. We live in a society where food, clothes, shelter, education and the necessities of life are less and less of a guarantee. The degree to which there is an assault on working class people is constantly escalating. In this environment, keeping oneself, one’s family and each other healthy, strong and positive is heroic indeed. We don’t look to hollywood or Washington DC for inspiration, we look to each other and help ourselves.

We Are Our Own Superheroes.
Buy it Now on itunes:

Directed and Produced by Payam Sadri and Kevin Hasenkopf of 109 Salmon
Executive Producers: Morgan Delaney and Michael Crenshaw

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Timeless Truth – Alliance (Official Video)

The official video for Timeless Truth‘s “Alliance” produced by EL RTNC

From Timeless Truth’s debut album ROCK-IT SCIENCE

Directed by TKTK Films

Get the ROCK-IT SCIENCE album:

On iTunes


Deluxe bundle (limited edition cassette, CD, T-shirt, sticker pack)

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Yancey Boys “Quicksand” featuring Common, Dezi Paige (beats by J Dilla)

From the Yancey Boys LP Sunset Blvd
Available on Delicious Vinyl

Delicious Vinyl brings you Sunset Blvd, the new album from Yancey Boys, the group piloted by John “Illa J” Yancey and Frank Nitt. The dynamic new collection is built around previously unheard tracks created by Illa J’s brother: the late, great J Dilla (James Yancey). With Frank Nitt’s standing as J Dilla Music Catalog Curator and the official approval of Yancey Media Group, all productions on Sunset Blvd originate from The Lost Scrolls — the stunning cache of beats Dilla left behind.

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MarQ Spekt “Breakfast Club” ft. Philly LoLife AllStars prod. by Blockhead

MarQ Spekt ft. Philly LoLife AllStars
“Breakfast Club”
Produced by Blockhead
From the album “JustPlayWitit


Features include:

L Tyrannic
Clever 1
Buddy Leezle
Driz Lo
Him Lo
Filadel Castro

Filmed, Edited & Directed by Sick Six for Sick Flix Films 2013

Additional thanks to Hakim @syndicate_media

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