Praverb ft. AWKWORD, Kev Turner x DJ Grazzhoppa – All A Dream [prod. By LX Beats]



AWKWORD: “Before his death, rapper and industry icon Praverb aka P the Wyse (Earl Patrick McNease) was working on a song with longtime collaborator LX Beats, a producer from Europe. They recruited rappers Kev Turner and myself [AWKWORD] for feature verses. Once we learned of P’s death, I rewrote and recorded a new verse for the song to pay tribute to my friend, and LX reached out to another longtime Praverb collaborator DJ Grazzhoppa for cuts for the chorus. This song will appear on the forthcoming Praverb Tribute Album. All proceeds will be donated to Praverb’s wife and baby boy.”

PURCHASE (DONATE!):…by-lx-beats

AWKWORD lyrics (verse 3):

Rest, Earl Patrick McNease, G in the flesh /
I’m a mess, you’re deceased, can’t believe that you left /
This has to be a dream, a nightmare, a test /
Man I wish you could’ve seen all the tweets and the press /
Even you would be amazed at all the people who wept /
People you never met, rappers showing you respect /
We try to honor legacy, being the best /
But it’s too little too late, when you wait until death /
You didn’t just spit, supported all artists who did /
You had your own son, but P you taught so many kids /
You demonstrated class in an industry of snakes /
You basically taught class to a room full of fakes /
But you never got down, instead you picked me back up /
When I said I’m done rapping cause this game is unjust /
You called me up that day and told me do what you love /
Now I’m here writing again, pouring out my blood /
So many pages torn, my tears stain this napkin /
Like what a sick joke, this ain’t my brother passing /
But it wasn’t a dream, the nightmare, it happened /
Now you in heaven with BIG, on the street corner rapping.

Song art by GoodIdea (Italy), Art Directors of ‘World View’ [ X]

And here’s what happened when Praverb interviewed me back in 2012:…tips-towards.html



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