AAA Delivery: AWKWORD – I Am [WorldWide]

All Around Africa!

i amThere is strength is unity, that much is clear. But who will pull the strings, that bit’s unclear. Africa shows love to all that’s dear, we fight the art of war, Summon Sun Tzu near. Today lads, we are witnessing the birth of unity, resulting from years of labour pains. Who said men can’t deliver?

We’ve been talking with  AWKWORD, the global Hip Hop ambassador, rap artist and #HipHopEd representative for a second. I guess we got introduced to him through MCskills ThaPreacha. All hail The Preacha. Awkword told us about this project sometimes late in January and judging by the line up (yes! it’s absolutely right to judge a song by the line up of mcees) we already pictured a classic. Come on man, when Str8tButter’s Teck Zillah is involved, what do you expect?


In order to understand in indepth just what Awkword is all about, we…

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