9th Wonder and David Banner – Death Of A Pop Star (The comic strip)

On December 10, 2010, 9th Wonder and David Banner have launched an anime-styled webcomic strip series for promotional purposes. The comic strip, which has the same title as the album it coincides with, centers around both men living in the real world with superhuman powers. Throughout the series, the duo is forced to deal with a number of personal problems; 9th Wonder’s character toils with issues of inner conflict, discipline and violence, and David Banner’s character, while following a higher calling, must grow up in an impoverished environment.Both artists had always intended to make Death of a Pop Star a multimedia release. For 9th, “Comics, sneakers, and Hip-Hop have always been close-knit with each other for years and years. This comic strip will show you exactly how CLOSE the relationships between those entities are.” Banner revealed that the pair’s original vision for the joint endeavor is followed by the unveiling of the comic strip. “The idea with Death of a Pop Star was never for it to be only an album,” Banner added. “The aim of this project was to engage the consumer on many different levels. With the music industry being in the state it’s in, we as artists need to provide as much intriguing content as possible for our fans. This is the second step in exposing the Death of a Pop Star project on many different platforms.”



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