The Rise Of MF DOOM [comic (*BREAKING NEWS)]


As part of the 2014 Red Bull Music Academy in Tokyo, we’re celebrating one of Japan’s most beloved art forms: manga. Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll be publishing animated music-related comics from Japanese and international artists that showcase a wide variety of styles, highlighting the impact that manga and comic artists have had on storytelling around the world.

Gabe Soria is the co-author, with Jessica Abel, of Life Sucks (First Second). He has written for DC Comics’ Batman Adventures and Batman ’66, and Boom!’s Regular Show, as well as contributed to Mojo, Entertainment Weekly, Spin, and Blender as a music journalist, and written liner notes for many records, including Dr. John’s Grammy-winning album Locked Down.

Emmy Award winner and Eisner Award nominee Dean Haspiel created Billy Dogma, illustrated for HBO’s Bored to Death, was a Master Artist at the Atlantic Center for the Arts, is a Yaddo fellow, a playwright, and the co-founder of Hang Dai Editions. Dino has written and drawn many comic books, including The Fox, Spider-Man, Batman, X-Men, The Fantastic Four, Wonder Woman, Deadpool, Godzilla, Garbage Pail Kids, and collaborations with Harvey Pekar, Jonathan Ames, Inverna Lockpez, Jonathan Lethem, Mark Waid, and Stan Lee. Look out for his latest graphic novel, Fear, My Dear: A Billy Dogma Experience.



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