DJ JS-1 (feat. O.C.) – “Turn the Tables” Premiere:
Although it hasn’t been that long since the legendary Grand Wizard Theodore invented scratching and helped birth an entire genre in the process, it seems like the current generation is more concerned with fame and ratings than making timeless music. Here to squash the nonsense and educate the youth is the Queens’ turntablist/producer, DJ JS-1, and his latest joint “Turn The Tables,” featuring the legendary Diggin In The Crates emcee, O.C. The track plays out like a Hip-Hop version of Daft Punk’s “Teachers,” wherein the ‘Word…Life’ poet shouts out a number of influential forces who have blessed the wheels of steel over the years. Whereas any new jack can quickly get nice on Serato, auto sync some tracks, and call themselves a DJ, the duo take things back to a time where your credibility on the wheels and the m.i.c. was everything. “Turn The Tables” is the first single from DJ JS-1’s ‘It Is What It Isn’t LP,’ which drops next Tuesday (10/14). If you’ve let the turntable collect too much dust, this single is available as a limited edition 7″ 45, with an exclusive Acapella B-Side, courtesy of Fat Beats. Fire this up on your 1200s, as the tables turn!

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