Zai Xuda – Step Into The Aura (Official Video)

Track from album “Vanisher” by Suzuki Kaioh.…

[Deaf Captioning]
Like to ease strife. Day and night plights to seize a mic.
The way we fight, just to breathe life.

Releasing classics from freezing aspen to palm leaves clasping.
All seems passive, scene relaxing.
Trees ashing, basking, in the heat of passion, my tea is Jasmine.
I believe it has been, our destiny to craft gems.
The get-rich scheme display, is as green as jade.
We need to embrace and harness the hope,
assembling audible auras to guard our souls.
The pressure-point poetry, charismatically channels your chakras.
Suzuki Kaioh, dismantling operas
when them samples get chopped up.
Track the rap art that you sought, that has thought within thought.
Prior to banging a skank and what I bank in a bank,
my slang ranks my sanction of strength.
I vowed time to dwell in hindsight to splice, outside the realm of lime-light and hype.
Devout minds can tell, the rhyme tight, we nice.



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