Dreaded Monk _ DEF B4 Dishonor chapter 1&2

Inspired by martial arts and eastern philosaphy, this album is set in 2 halves. The external side dealing with the more agressive Yang energy, and the other the more introspective passive and reflective Yin Energy. This gives a well balanced single, with chapter one being the title track and chapter two a solo from Dreaded Monk solo entitled “Ghost Lantern”

Full album coming soon from Twelve Jewelz Starring Aslan as Dreaded Monk, Kinetiks as Iron Pen, Mad Preacher as Shogun Zuka, Omen Ra as Ashida, Sabotawj as Musashi & White Lotus as himself.
All tracks produced and videos directed by Aslan

Stay tuned for the next chapters…. subscribe to the Channel _ https://www.youtube.com/user/aslanhiphop

Buy the single now from Bandcamp _ https://aslanhiphop.bandcamp.com

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