John Robinson x PVD- Know My Style

 John Robinson x PVD- Know My Style

“Know My Style” is a more upbeat and rugged selection from JR and PVD and it’s a sneak peak of what’s to come from Modern Vintage, the all new upcoming full length album from veteran emcee/visionary John Robinson and drummer/composer/producer PVD, which will be released on Brick Records on June 17th, 2014.

Modern Vintage is the new collaboration album from veteran emcee John Robinson (aka Lil Sci of world renown Hip-Hop group Scienz Of Life) and prolific drummer, composer, producer and band-leader Pat Van Dkye (aka PVD). John Robinson and PVD originally met at a show in 2008 and since then their chemistry has grown organically and has developed into the duo performing many formal shows together at venues like SOB’s, Blue Note NYC, LPR and others around the NY-NJ Tristate area.

Modern Vintage spells out the approach in which this album was made from front to back: The music was composed with a combination of modern technology software mixed with vintage synths and outboard gear, all blended seamlessly with live instrumentation being the foundation. The lyrics and concepts were all spontaneously crafted in the studio, session by session, by letting the soundscapes speak to the lyricist similar to how vintage recordings of the 60’s & 70’s were created.

“I took a much more structured songwriting approach to the lyrics on this album; my goal from the beginning of making this record was to take advantage of the fact that I am working with PVD- a composer/musician and not just a beat maker/producer, which definitely makes this record different from my other releases. This one is for all the true music lovers worldwide” says John Robinson. PVD states “making this record was a dream come true. From the very first session, we set out to craft quality songs that capture a cohesive vibe and feel good. In many cases, JR was writing to merely a sketch of what actually ended up on the record. It felt great to work with an artist who trusted me enough to lend his talents to the music not knowing where I would take it sonically. Live drums, keys, guitars, horns, and synths give this record a distinctly human feel that is present in all of my favorite records, old and new. A modern-day true Hip-Hop record, grounded firmly in the traditions of jazz, funk, and soul music.”

John Robinson & PVD’s Modern Vintage is now transmitting live to the world; catch the vibes on June 17th, 2014 via Brick Records.

Tracklisting For John Robinson & PVD’s ‘Modern Vintage’:

1. Mic Check
2. All of the World
3. Respect King
4. Choose Your Words Wisely f/ Melinda Camille
5. Two Man Mob f/ Sadat X and I.D. 4 Windz
6. What’s The Point? f/ Melinda Camille & Sam Barsh
7. Off The Wall
8. This Is Art
9. Miles & Trane
10. Live Golden
11. Vinyl Is Forever f/ El Da Sensei & Shabaam Sahdeeq
12. 10/11/12
13. Know My Style
14. We Rock
15. Together We Are f/ Arin Maya
16. Kiss The Sky f/ Melinda Camille
17. Full Circle

For More Information:

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