Man Of Booom – Catch The Beat

Catch The Beat is the first official video from the 2LP Vinyl Back To The Booom by Man Of Booom (Figub Brazlevic, Teknical Development & JuJu Rogers).

Man Of Booom – Back To The Booom
Releasedate: 21.10.2013 on Sichtexot Records. The 2LP Gatefoldcover + limited edition Booomstrumentals 7″ (300 copies) with 4 exclusive beats from Figub Brazlevic.

Order the 2 LP + limited 7″ exclusive @ Sichtexot Shop & Vinyl Digital.

Order the 2LP: @ HHV, Sichtexot Shop & Vinyl Digital.

Digital Stream here:

Figub Brazlevič, Teknical Development and JuJu Rogers are Man Of Booom – a three-headed body of music that has its roots in the golden era of honest and positive hiphop. The ‚Back To The Booom’ LP brings listeners along on a rediscovery of a classic hiphop-vibe that is at the same time refreshing and reminiscent of the early 90’s sound – its playful innocence and head-nodding beats represent contemporary hiphop in a parallel universe where the fundamental focus lies on positivity and establishing human connections through musical creation.

Video by Figub Brazlevič & Robert DineroṂ❍❍ℕŤℝ❍❍ℙ

Sichtexot GbR
Anton Pfurtscheller, Stadionerhofstr. 1
55116 Mainz, GERMANY

One Nation Under Hip Hop!
Hip Hop Camaraderie!



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