MELO-X | A TREE MUST BE A TREE (Directed by Rodney Passé for What Matters Most)

MeLo-X‘s new album ” GOD: Pièce de Résistance Out NOV 5th

A Tree Must Be A Tree” single now available for pre-sale and will be released on Oct 8th:

A short film aspired by the music from the GOD: Pièce de Résistance album

Director Rodney Passe brings heartrending relationships into play with “A Tree Must Be A Tree”, referencing the classic 1970’s film Badlands. While artist MeLo-X, melodically sheds light on a love that could not be. Combined with
lovesick teens, beautiful cinematography and the perfect soundtrack, Passe creates an unforeseen twist to this unconventional music video, that will have you waiting for the full-length feature.

Director: Rodney passé
cinematographer: Marcus Reposar
1st AC: Marie O’Connor
Producer: Elizabeth Birkett-Gibbs, Patrick O’brien Smith
Editors: Luke Lynch
Grip: Terrell Butler
Color: Prehistoric digital
Titles: Ryan Costa
Stylist: Elizabeth Birkett-Gibbs
Music: MeLo-X

Talent: Nadja Hussein, Dr. Fared Zarif, MeLo-X

Special Thanks: Alan Agee, Danny Song, Roman Koval, Zivia Walton, and What Matter Most production

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