Epidemic “Mic Masters” (Produced By Esco) Music Video

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Mic Masters is the third official video from Epidemic’s 3rd studio album: Somethin’ For Tha Listeners. Featuring Scratches from DJ Tha Boss and a smooth yet aggressive boom bap instrumental from Esco, this is one of the most lyrical tracks of the album.

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01. Intro
02. Rhyme Writers
03. Bringin’ It Back
04. Patience
05. Cool Out
06. Check It Out
07. They Don’t Know
08. Poisonous Love
09. Mic Masters
10. Esco’s Crates (Interlude)
11. Monday To Sunday
12. One Life
13. The Ocean
14. UNIversALL
[*]. Nothin’ Matters (Produced by B.B.Z. Darney)

Epidemic’s junior release “Somethin’ For Tha Listeners” brings to light yet another dimension of the duo’s creative abilities. With soundscapes profoundly reminiscent of one of Hip-hop’s most esteemed eras (the 90’s), the two MC’s move away from their traditionally abstract and complex concepts, into more concrete, down to earth, and real world themes. Keeping their trademark multi-syllabic, rapid fire style of rap, this time around they chose beats with fairly slower tempos to ensure that their messages were clearly understood. All tracks on the album were mindfully crafted by a virtually unknown yet highly talented west coast beatsmith who goes by the name of Esco. Bringing to the table an authentic golden era sound, as well as adding a touch of west coast flavor, he provides a perfect musical backdrop for Epidemic to drop some of their slickest, most heartfelt, and witty rhymes to date. Somethin’ For Tha Listeners was constructed to be played throughout without the skipping of any tracks. All songs fit like integral parts of a puzzle to create one of the smoothest listening experiences in Hip-hop since the 90’s. Whether you’re kicking back with some headphones on, driving in a car, or listening at home with your system bumping, this album promises to take you to another time and place with its smooth boom-bap production, peppered with grain and vinyl static, while stimulating your brain’s left hemisphere with intellectual, content-heavy rhymes. The album includes a fan favorite bonus track titled “Nothin’ Matters” produced by affiliate B.B.Z. Darney as well as DJ cuts on most tracks by DJ Tha Boss, and scratches on “One Life” by Dixie.

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