MC Whiteowl “Rollin” Directed By Crazy Al Cayne

My latest commissioned gig was to direct and edit a music video for MC WhiteOwl‘s new single “Rollin” off his album “Higher Intelligence“! This is the second video I shot for MC WhiteOwl and we had fun getting this joint done. You know I was Amp’d to feature some BMX bikes in the video and it was cool that MC WhiteOwl hopped on them for one of his performance shot.

The beat for “Rolling” is produced by one of the hardest working HipHop producers in the game, Statik Selektah. I really like the sample he used in the beat, it’s got a cool laid back vibe to it. MC WhiteOwl’s bars and delivery were dope, he’s got a great voice for spittin bars!

When I first heard this song I was thinking to myself that this was an underground HipHop version of “Molly Rap” but it’s sorta like a PSA on what the benefits of taking Molly‘s (MDMA) better know as ecstasy are when taken properly. In the song WhiteOwl talks about how Molly’s were used to help people and soldiers with post traumatic stress disorder and he also talks about his own experience with the drug. I dunno it’s still a Molly Rap song imo lol but the song does shed light on what this drug is really suppose to be used for. I wouldn’t put it in my body though

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